Live blog: Bears vs. Patriots

We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots.

dlongwgnam October 21, 201811:45 AM

Test test… Dan Long here, good morning everybody

dlongwgnam October 21, 201811:46 AM

Predictions for this afternoon: In the words of Matt Nagy, “Someone’s gotta win, someone’s gotta lose… unless you have a tie”

dlongwgnam October 21, 201811:56 AM

dlongwgnam October 21, 201811:59 AM

Meanwhile, Gronk and his Tide Pods are inactive.  Will be interesting to see how Bears secondary responds to getting carved up last week.  Edelman in particular is a dangerous match up for a unit that had problems wrapping guys up in MIA

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:04 PM

Also, Sony Michel

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:09 PM

And it’s Edelman with a short TD grab up the middle as the Pats strike first…Chris Hogan slow to get up

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:15 PM

Establish some semblance of a run game here, Mitch is not going to hang with Brady in a shootout.

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:17 PM

MT 10 using his legs to convert a 3rd down, that’ll work though

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:17 PM

I’m here! Man and we’re already down 7-0.. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:19 PM

I’m surprised they aren’t rushing more.. After converting that 3rd and 10 running the ball they could’ve made some advancements. Gives Brady the ball back

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:23 PM

Nice job on Fuller to bat that away from Edelman to bring up 4th down!

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:24 PM

Big stop there

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:28 PM

Meanwhile it’s meatball time here at WGN.  Big shoutout to Bartolini’s in Midlothian

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:29 PM

Ohhh that sounds good! I just had some left over pasta as my game time meal. 

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:30 PM

12:29 pm CT, there has been a completed pass for the home team

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:30 PM

Shall we pop the champagne?! 

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:30 PM

Curtis you can’t understate how much the game time meal enhances the whole experience

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:31 PM

I think Pete and Jane have some bubbly around here somewhere actually

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:31 PM

Oh I believe it!! I wish I had a more hearty game time meal! If this gets really bad you can take some hard stuff from Roe Conn’s office! 

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:35 PM

WOW! What a break!!

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:36 PM

Bears have a chance to take the lead here. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:36 PM

My fantasy team would REALLY appreciate it if Cohen scores here.

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:37 PM

Alright so food run = points and a huge turnover

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:38 PM

You into fantasy football at all Dan?

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:39 PM

Wow what looked like a disaster turned into a touchdown! 

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:39 PM

I’ll take it! Bears up 10-7!

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:41 PM

Yeah man he’s really been able to create on broken plays (or one’s he didn’t see) today

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:43 PM

To answer your other question though yeah, I’ll play some fantasy every year.  I’m pretty overmatched in a 14 team league with 3 keepers though.  Drafting is tough

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:44 PM

Oh man! 14 team league?! I bet drafting is tough.. Lots of low scores?

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:46 PM

Not that low, it’s PPR scoring, so you can find some value in depth

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:47 PM

That’s a fumble! 

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:47 PM

Bilal Nichols was the only HL on that opening Pats drive, now a big play here…

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:52 PM

Well after the fumble the Bears are facing 3rd and 8. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:53 PM

I don’t like the play call on that series. Now they’re going for it on 4th and 4.

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:55 PM

I guess Nagy got tired of getting called a wimp after last week

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:56 PM

Hahahaha! That pass was really close for Miller to haul that in. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:57 PM

Big holding call! That’ll help!

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:57 PM

Now for the sake of my fantasy team give it to Cohen

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:58 PM

Let’s see if these guys can get out of their own way and get 7

Curtis Koch October 21, 201812:58 PM

Sony Michel has a knee injury. Meanwhile Chase Daniels is in on this play.

dlongwgnam October 21, 201812:58 PM


Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:00 PM

WOW! That was lucky. 

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:00 PM

Pats are trying to gift the Bears some points here.  Just one accurate throw is all I’m asking for

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:01 PM

Or hop on the J Train, finally

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:01 PM

Jordan Howard gets in the end zone for the second time this year! 

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:05 PM

Well…. That sucks….

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:05 PM


dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:12 PM

“That type of pass will help his confidence…” Yeah a 4-yard dink underneath  would make me feel like a QB too

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:13 PM

I know right! I was literally just thinking, “what kind of commentary is that?”

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:19 PM

Now New England goes for it on 4th.. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:20 PM

Nice catch by Josh Gordon!

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:20 PM

Man Gordon using that size advantage over Fuller

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:23 PM

Well, Patriots retake the lead. Wide open too

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:23 PM

White on an island

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:25 PM

CBS keeps playing the same music cue over and over again. It played on the Soldier Field PA and it’s in our Blackhawks liners

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:27 PM

Simms drops one of the only accurate throws of the afternoon…

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:27 PM

Well if theres one thing that’s worked.. It’s the QB Rush!

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:29 PM

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:29 PM

Hoge brings up a good point. Mack hasn’t seemed much of a factor today

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:32 PM

Through the hands of Cohen. Bears go to 3 and out.. AGAIN…

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:33 PM

Damn. That’s a tough break. 

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:38 PM

“Cody Parker” count: 1

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:39 PM

Not a fan of these announcers

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:41 PM

That was pointless..

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:42 PM

“That play makes no sense at all”: the perfect way to sum up the first half

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:43 PM

Well at least it’s still better than last weeks first half

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:44 PM

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:44 PM

OOF.. That ain’t good.

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:52 PM

Halftime viewing while I get caught up on highlights and crunch some numbers. Watch this lady house a huge Bartolini’s meatball sandwich thing in 7 minutes:

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:57 PM

Start of Q3, Sony Michel out for the remainder according to the Pats

Curtis Koch October 21, 20181:58 PM

Trubisky the new Bears RB?

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:58 PM

Wow, Trubisky improv-ing like he’s at Second City

dlongwgnam October 21, 20181:59 PM

Improv-ing, but not improving as he almost gets picked off in the end zone AGAIN

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:00 PM

2 straight plays of nothing after that penalty. This team is frustrating on offense sometimes

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:01 PM

Cohen is in! That’ll help my fantasy team!!

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:06 PM

Nagy always get totally roasted by Hamp, OB and Koz but I think this week, the play calling is really, truly earning it for him

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:08 PM

I agree. I was more lenient the first few weeks but it’s getting annoying now.

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:17 PM

I’ve never been a fan of Bellamy. That’s a reason why. 

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:17 PM

Josh Bellamy is a.) on the field b.) getting targeted c.) losing it in the sun

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:17 PM

There have been no adjustments since halftime. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:18 PM


dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:18 PM

Punt block return for TD.  Check that one off your bingo cards

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:22 PM

Man those passes haven’t had a lot of spiral zip on it

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:25 PM

“Poor ball placement” boy is that an understatement

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:26 PM

Amazingly, the first interception of the day for Trubisky 

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:26 PM

He should have 4 by now. 

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:29 PM

Watching a QB develop almost from scratch is pretty interesting in that it really gives you a sense of how much just a little ‘touch’ one way or another can make a difference for these guys

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:31 PM

Yeah and I think it didn’t help that he sat and “learned” from Glennon. 

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:33 PM

Big 4th down! Maybe.. Just MAYBE the Bears can do something here.

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:35 PM

There it is! The Blake Bortles comparison! 

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:37 PM

Now we just need to get Mitch as a running gag on The Good Place

Curtis Koch October 21, 20182:40 PM

For real! Alright Dan I gotta get going and head downtown for Blackhawks hockey tonight. I’ll be listening to Hamp OB and Koz! 

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:43 PM

Sounds good man, I’ll try and take this thing home.  

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:45 PM

Also I was down the hall and missed whatever that last play was… I heard yelling from the conference room… apparently it was another pick

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:53 PM

White TD run set up by a long run after catch from Gordon.  Missed tackles abound. Brady has time to crack open a nice book in the pocket

dlongwgnam October 21, 20182:57 PM

So a sack on 3rd down ends another short possession, things really going off the rails in the 2nd half for the Bears.  Feels like they should be down more than 14

dlongwgnam October 21, 20183:04 PM

REMINDER: Hamp, O’B and Koz with Carm are just about to hit the air 3-5:30pm with all your postgame needs.  Vent your frustration (312) 981-7200

dlongwgnam October 21, 20183:06 PM

Welp, hold the phone… Trubisky hits Trey Burton again, this time for a TD with 4:13 left.  How is this a one poss. game?

dlongwgnam October 21, 20183:23 PM

WOW Trubisky airs out a jump ball to Kevin White, who’s stopped just short of the goal line with no time left. Patriots win 38-31.  Bears fall to 3-3 – all close losses, all games that could have been won with cleaner efforts (better QB play, tighter play calling, D steps up for a compromised Mack, you name it)