Single, Married, Divorced- Episode 22: Everybody Loves a Pheromone Party

This week’s show is packed full of fun.  The SMD hosts try and figure out  if finding the right scent is key to finding the right mate.  Allison shares a story about a woman who doesn’t wear deodorant for love.  The conversation quickly devolves into who was the “smelly kid” growing up.  Tom and Erik agree on the absolute wrong way to end a relationship which leads Allison to do a little soul searching.  Allison also thinks she’s diagnosed Erik’s issues with finding the right woman.

Question 1: Beth on Facebook asks-When to say when on a relationship?

Dating Story: UPDATE-The ghost texts Erik out of no where. What should he do?

Question 2: Should you invite your in-laws to a bachelor or bachelorette party?

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