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“A Mostly Veggie Affair”, Kanye and Taylor Swift are impacting the youth vote, “Witch”, and Favorite Food Memories | Full Show (Oct 11th)

Patti and Andrea at "Witch"

Are you registered to vote yet?  Sean Callahan (Content Marketer at LinkedIn) joins us to alk about the imporantce of voting and the recent news surrounding Taylor Swift and Kanye West getting political and how it has impacted younger voters.  Then, with the seasons changing we welcome on Melissa Flynn to discuss the 20th anniversary of Green City Market and the new app they have just released.  And if that wasn’t enough they have a fun event coming up on Nov 8th aptly named, “A Mostly Veggie Affair”.   Patti and Andrea also discuss their day spent at the performance of “Witch” at the Writers Theater.

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