Prof. Will Freeman explores ‘inner and outer journeys’ on an unusual tour of America: “It was just a heck of a lot of fun”

Will Freeman will set-out on 18,000 mile trek across the contiguous 48 states in a custom built Morgan 3-wheeler leaving from Grinnell College on commencement day. Photographed with Morgan three-wheeler near his home in Grinnell May 7, 2018. (Photo by Justin Hayworth/Grinnell College)

Dave Hoekstra visits with Will Freeman, Professor of Physical Education at Grinnell College in Iowa, who completed a summer-long cross country road trip in a Morgan 3 Wheeler.  Freeman discusses the mission for the trip, which ties into a course he’s teaching and a book he’s working on with the focus on rediscovering the American dream through an intimate road experience.  He also talks about the 3 Wheeler, that was hand-built in England, and covering over 16,000 miles and the 48 contiguous states in such an unconventional vehicle.