Nick Digilio 10.09.18: Steve and Johnnie

Nick Digilio was thrilled to have the great Steve King and Johnnie Putman on for almost the entire show. Here’s a rundown:

Hour 1:
+ Show Start
+ Chris Smith, chief meteorologist for WJHG in Panama City Beach on Hurricane Michael
+ Br5-49’s new CD featuring music performed on Steve and Johnnie’s show
+ Thoughts on the new version of ‘A Star is Born’

Hour 2:
+ Upcoming Steve and Johnnie events and appearances
+ WGN vinyl memories
+ Patrick Crispen’s international travels

Hour 3:
+ Memories of the showcase studio
+ Steve’s rock and roll youth
+ Steve’s brother’s book ‘Safe Inside’ is Book of the Year nominee for the Chicago Writer’s Association

Hour 4:
+ more on S&J’s upcoming appearances
+ Their video road tests
+ replay of Chris Smith’s interview
+ the first time Nick and producer Dan met Him and Her

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