The Opening Bell 10/8/18: From The Sound Stage to Conference Calls – SHURE Expands Their Horizons

A range of microphones from SHURE's company museum including an exclusive The Who microphone, a WWII era communication device, and the iconic Elvis Presley microphone.

Many think that the audio/visual industry is limited to the stage, but SHURE is taking their technology to business board rooms. This week’s CEO Spotlight features Christine Schyvinck (CEO of SHURE) to look at the way the 90+ year old company is growing by expanding their audio technology on stages around the world and increasing clarity of conference calls. Steve Grzanich then shifted the focus to the men’s grooming industry that is gaining popularity at an incredible rate. Anthony Qaiyum (President of The Shops at Merz Apothecary) is expanding the Chicago footprint in the industry with the opening of The Shops at Merz Apothecary.


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