Single, Married, Divorced- Episode: 21 Who’s Your Sugar Daddy

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This week our team tries to figure out why more women are turning their backs on the usual dating apps and opting for one that matches them with a “Sugar Daddy.”  Our three hosts first define what a sugar daddy is and ask if there are different levels of sugar “daddiness?”  Tom asked the question on everyone’s minds-When it comes to a Sugar Daddy must sex be part of the transaction?   Allison tells us about a friend who was offered a job, then wound up with her boss paying her rent.  Our dating story takes place in a Hooters and involves a medical emergency that has nothing to with spicy wings. It’s a story that has Erik recalling the time he spent an entire afternoon in the ER with a woman he hardly knew.

Question 1: What’s a Sugar Daddy?

Dating Story: Invest in a Hooters and good medical insurance.

Question 2: When is the right time to meet the family?

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