Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 10/7/18: Tootsie review, banana socks, and babysitting (web-exclusive podcast)

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Brian Noonan's stylish banana socks (Photo credit: Brian Noonan / WGN Radio Chicago)

Brian and Cody give a rave review to Broadway in Chicago’s pre-Broadway world premiere of Tootsie at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. Plus: adventures at the Billy Goat Tavern, socks in kindergarten, and babysitting tales!

To kick off the show, Brian explains why he’s sick, and teases a scandalous story about socks from kindergarten class earlier. He and Cody also ask for music submissions for them to use as a podcast theme song, which you can send to the Brian Noonan Show Facebook page or on Twitter to @briannoonanshow or @ProducerCody. You can also email Cody with the music.

Then, Brian and Cody give a glowing review to Broadway in Chicago’s pre-Broadway world premiere of Tootsie at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. The cast was great, the writing was phenomenal, and the music was a blast! You can see Tootsie in Chicago from September 11 – October 14 before the show goes to Broadway in Spring 2019. You can also catch Brian’s interview with cast members from the production on another podcast.

Neither Brian’s wife nor Cody’s wife had ever been to the Billy Goat Tavern, so naturally, they took them there for a drink after the show. They recount the hilarious hijinks they witnessed at the Billy Goat, then try to figure out whose faces are on various dollar bills. Brian also seamlessly transitions into a story about breweries that somehow connects back to Darius Rucker.

Brian finally gets back around to his previously teased story of banana socks in kindergarten. Last week, a kindergartner almost broke his legs; this week, they simply hurt his pride. But at least Brian knows where he can find gigantic fashionable socks now!

To wrap up the show, Cody discusses his first experience babysitting a small child as an adult, and ends up talking about children’s movies and programming with Brian. Plus: Cody announces that his “day job” podcast, Curiosity Daily, was recognized as the Best Science & Medicine Podcast in the 13th Annual Podcast Awards. Check it out and get smarter in just a few minutes every day!

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