Pinch Hitters 09/30/18: Esmeralda Leon and Jon Hansen in for Dave Plier (Full Show)

Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon November 6th, 2016

Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon are in for Dave Plier. With so much negativity out there in the news these days, the dark side of human nature seems to appear more commonly. What causes people to act in a certain way? Why do certain traits stand out more than others? What is the dirty dozen scale? Jon and Esmeralda talk to Dr. Peter Jonason to find out the answers to these questions. Then later, they talk to Katie Yohe the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of A.B.L.E, a non profit group whose mission is “to provide artistic experiences through which individuals with Down syndrome and other developmental differences feel accepted and empowered to discover their own unique voices.”