Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 9/30/18: Travel policies, mob mentality, and dumb brands (web-exclusive podcast)

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Cheers from Brian Noonan, WGN Radio Chicago (Photo credit: Brian Noonan / WGN Radio)

Brian and Cody discuss their cell phone policies when traveling, mob mentality in the age of social media, and the dumbest brand actions taken in the last month. Plus: learn how you can bring a touch of music to the next few months of web-exclusive podcasts!

To kick off the show, Brian talks about the web-exclusive podcast schedule and what listeners can expect from the show for the next few months. Then, he and Cody discuss Netflix and streaming video services and why Brian had to upgrade his entertainment setup at home so he could fully enjoy them.

Brian gives some tips for using cell phones overseas as he prepares for his trip to Europe in mid-October, and details his incident with a small child who nearly busted his knee in a recent classroom incident from #subland, which is a hashtag Brian really likes to think he invented.

Turning his attention to a more serious subject, Brian explains how he believes the Brett Kavanaugh hearing should have gone, and gets into a discussion with Cody about #MeToo and mob mentality. Cody shares a terrifying tale of mob mentality in a school environment going horribly wrong, and they ask what can be done in a “post-truth” America to quell the anger of people looking to take out their anger on each other.

Do you want to get involved in the Brian and Cody Podcast season? Now is your chance! We’re looking for musical submissions for us to use for our official podcast theme song. Please send in your music clip by Wednesday, October 24, via the Brian Noonan Show Facebook page or private message to @ProducerCody on Twitter, or just email it to Cody. We don’t know what the prize will be if we select your song to use as our podcast intro/outro, but we’ll come up with something eventually!

Then: Brian argues that the Dunkin’ Donuts rebrand is even dumber than the Weight Watchers rebrand,  while Cody thinks that Nike using Colin Kaepernick to sell shoes is the most shameless pandering he’s ever seen.

Brian also discusses hobnobbing with Irish big-shots, why neither he nor Cody would ever send their DNA to a private company, and compares his story of late night hot dogs with Cody’s story of Philadelphia cheesesteaks, along with a more detailed recap of his recent trip to the City of Brotherly Love.

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