Top Five@5 (9/26/18): President Trump goes solo, Ben & Jerry’s gets political, and more…

Roe Conn & Anna Davlantes present the Top Five@5 (Photo: Mike Pokryfke)

The Top Five@5 for Wednesday, September 26th, 2018:

In his a rare solo press conference -President Trump doubled down again on his support for Bret Kavanaugh, Sen. Jeff Flake decried both sides of the aisle for their handling of the allegations against Bret Kavanaugh, an Indiana National Guardsman is in trouble after hurling racial slurs before getting involved in a melee at Wrigley Field, NFL great Joe Theismann weighs in on the league’s latest ‘roughing the passer’ controversy, and James Corden sums up why Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company’s plan to get political on ice cream pints might not be a bad idea.

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