The John Williams Show Full Podcast 09.26.18: Jason Van Dyke update, Michelin stars, Teddy Roosevelt return, Dunkin’

John Williams starts off the show with another update from Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair on the Jason Van Dyke murder trial. She describes discrepancies that were apparent in the day’s testimonies surrounding Laquan McDonald’s death. Then, the Tribune’s restaurant critic, Phil Vettel, compares his own predictions for Michelin  star recipients, with the results of the Michelin Guide just revealed. John invites you to another conversation with our 25th president, Teddy Roosevelt, taking place at the Elgin Community College Blizzard Theatre on Nov 10. Finally, John wants to know why Dunkin’ Donuts is likely to drop the word, “Donuts” in its name, and Violeta makes an observation.