No Coast Cinema Ep. 51 | “Banana Season” with Sanghoon Lee, Eve Rydberg, Brennan Stacker and James Choi

Eve Rydberg, Brennan Stacker, Sanghoon Lee and James Choi (Left to Right)

Today on No Coast Cinema, we speak with four of the minds behind the brilliant feature Banana Season – actors Eve Rydberg and Brennan Stacker, writer/director Sanghoon Lee, and producer/editor James Choi.

We learn about Sanghoon’s background as a filmmaker and what led him to the craft starting with his time in South Korea, discuss Eve Rydberg and Brennan Stacker’s experiences throughout the film, and dig into the ever-versatile duties of a film producer with James Choi.

Combining magical realism, buddy comedy and romantic drama, Banana Season follows the budding friendship between two people struggling for success – Sun, a cage fighter who hasn’t won in years, and Peter, a little person who wants to fly. The film is beautifully shot, deftly acted, fun, funny, heartbreaking, and truly one of the most diverse films we’ve had the pleasure of watching.

Banana Season premieres at the Gene Siskel Film Center on October 5th and October 7th.

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