Matt Bubala Full Show 9-22-18: Matt’s hilarious mom, Floss dance, Kavanaugh and much more!

Roger Badesch, Jess Raines and Matt Bubala (WGN Radio)

Matt returns from Vegas this week and the crew has a lot to catch up on! We talk about funny stories with Matt’s mom, the Flossy dance trend and why Matt’s kids think he’s an uncool parent. Throughout the show, Roger and Matt talk details on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, the first debate between Ted Cruz and in Texas and Rod Rosenstein. We also touch base with Andrew Wittenberg in Salt Lake City, Utah to talk about North Korea and South Korea teaming up to form their own Olympic Games and the public’s reaction on one of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers being released from jail. We also talk about Stranger Things, the odd relationship Drake has with young girls, and what a local area high school is doing about social media threats. Finally, as we approach the first day of fall, we hear stories about well…what we hate about cold weather as adults. Tune in!


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