Reporter John Conroy on the death of Jon Burge

Kristin Roberts, left, protests outside Cook County Courthouse in Chicago, Friday, June, 16, 2006, demanding the release of a report on allegations that Chicago police tortured suspects. Allegations have swirled for years that officers under the command of Lt. Jon Burge in the Area 2 violent crime unit beat suspects, used electric shocks, played mock Russian roulette and started to smother a suspect with a typewriter cover to elicit confessions. Cook County Chief Criminal Court Judge Paul Biebel put off at least two more weeks the release of the four-year, multimillion-dollar report, saying he wanted to give the Illinois Supreme Court time to act on a former prosecutor's appeal. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

John Conroy joins the Steve Cochran Show on the heels of the death of Jon Burge.  The torture and false confessions coerced by Jon Burge’s “midnight crew” cost Chicago more than ~$120M in legal feels, lawsuits and settlements.  Conroy believes that Daley knew about the torture.  You can find all of his work here on the subject of police torture HERE.