No Coast Cinema Ep. 50 | Blacksite: The Musical

David Holcombe, Spence Warren and Adiya Ivey from Soft Cage Films

On this very special episode of No Coast Cinema, we celebrate our fiftieth episode – the big L!

Later, we interview returning guests director David A. Holcombe, producer Spence Warren, and screenwriter Adia Ivey about Soft Cage Film’s upcoming project Blacksite: The Musical!

It’s a rollicking musical about police brutality in which a community finds empowerment despite the continuing human rights crisis in their neighborhood. Based on the true story brought to light by the Guardian in 2015, we dig into how the idea for this project surfaced, what each of their experiences were while crafting the film, and the role art plays in both speaking truth to power and empowering the tyrannized.

You can support this amazing project via the indiegogo link below.

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