High School Awkwardness, Letter from the Catholic League, Political Round Table, and MORE! (Sept 14th)

Pictured L-R: Erik Elk, Patti Vasquez and Ken Jubakowski

Friday on The Patti Vasquez Show with Andrea Darlas: Andrea is out for the night so to kick off the show Patti talks with WGN’s Mark Carman and WGN’s David Jennings about what the Chicago White Sox, Carms tennis career, and their first day of high school.  Next we welcome representative Steve Anderson to discuss a letter he received this week from the Catholic League demanding that Attorney General not be over zealous when investigating child molestation.  Then, it’s time for our Political Round Table with Eric Elk, Ken Jakubowski, and Dave Lundy.  To end of the show we are joined with Esmeralda Leon and ‘Scarlot-Jon Hansen’ who filled in for Matt Bubala to talk about what something that making them happy.

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