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Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Nina M.

10 year old Nina may be in school all day, but when the school bell rings, she’s out volunteering her time in the community.  She says “It makes me smile”. Nina volunteered this summer at Elmhurst Public Library assisting the Librarians wherever assistance was needed (from organizing bookshelves to assisting children). She also took the initiative to create slime this summer and provided RMHCC half of her proceeds! She also just joined the K-Fab forces in Chicago and was chosen to be a writer for the local teen magazine, Raiseyourbar, under “The Chronicles of Nar-NINA!” Finally, she’s a crossing guard at school and takes her role very seriously. One of the moms specifically reached out to me when Nina when above and beyond to assist a young 2nd grader with special needs. She sets a good example for her peers and loves to get other people actively involved!