Single, Married, Divorced-Episode 17: Social Media & Marriage

In episode 17 of Single, Married, Divorced our team takes a hard look at social media and what it can do to a marriage.  Allison tells us how an old school friend wound up divorced then married again to an old fling.  They also discuss emotional vs. physical cheating.  Allison says to come find her if you think emotional cheating is worse.  Tom shares how one of  his friends unknowingly went out with an stripper and Erik is blindsided by a date he didn’t recognize.  And did you know the SNL alum known as the “Ladies Man,” wanted to hire Allison to babysit?  Neither did the guys.


Poll Question: Social media and marriage.

Question 1: How do you get a “bae” for fall?

App Story: Use the force.

Question 2: Is an old Festivus favorite good for couples?