The Opening Bell 9/6/18: Redefining The Business World Approach to Being A Mogul

Tiffany Pham (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

NAFTA negotiations, financial turmoil, and new market highs would make a lot of people nervous about what’s next for the global economy, but Don Lloyd (SVP & Manager of Capital Markets – Foreign Exchange, Rate Swaps and Commodity Derivatives at Associated Bank) shared his very optimistic outlook for moving forward on this week’s Associated Bank Thought Leader conversation. Tiffany Pham (Founder of MOGUL and Author of “You Are A Mogul: How to Do The Impossible, Do it Yourself, and Do it Now“) then presented her new book to Steve¬†explaining how helping women in the business & entrepreneurial world is vital because it keeps everyone ahead of the game.