‘The Imperial Sound’ feels right at home on the AM waves

The Imperial Sound (L-R): Sal Favazza, Kenn Goodman, Chloe Orwell, Gary Schepers, Frederick Mosher, David Winer, David Smith and Dave Hoekstra

Dave Hoekstra visits with The Imperial Sound, a locally-based pop and soul band with roots in the golden tones of 70’s AM radio.  ImpSo plays a few tunes, founders Kenn Goodman and Rick Mosher talk about the band’s growth out of other well-known music projects in the New Duncan Imperials and Expo ’76, starting the Pravda Records label and developing the band’s signature sound which hearkens back to the ‘Chicago sound’; the positive key of much of the band’s music and it’s power to provide an escape for the listener, and more.

Don’t miss the release party for Imperial Sound’s new record The New AM on 9/1 at Hideout Chicago.