Legendary Actor ‘Leon’ Shows “Nothing But Love” for Chicago

Leon Robinson

During his visit to Chicago, Actor Leon (Five Heartbeats) stopped by WGN Plus Studios to drop some jewels with Marsha Lyles.

As he was preparing to speak at an entertainment workshop panel he gave advice to local aspiring actors and producers seeking their way into the industry.

Leon and Marsha Lyles

With acting being one of many of his gifts, he’s also a talented singer.   Leon introduces us to his new single off of his 2nd album,  “Sometimes I wish I was Single”.  He gives insight on the meaning of this song which is a love song with a twist.  Leon clarifies that the song is not specifically about his relationship with model/reality star, Cynthia Bailey but states that the song is for everyone and he was reminded about all of his past relationships while making it.

Besides being an actor and singer (he also dances) he jokes about the idea of writing a book about relationships.  He talks more about his relationship with his daughters mom,  Cynthia Bailey and gives advice about the universal understanding of sex and love.

With The Five Heartbeats being one the most successful films he’s starred in,  Leon fills us in on the upcoming release of the documentary “Making of the Five Heartbeats” produced by Robert Townsend.   The documentary will captivate audiences with unseen and behind the scenes footage.

This is a Fathom Event and can be seen at 500 theaters Monday, August 27, 2018. 

Learn more about Leon and all of his upcoming projects here:

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