Brian Noonan Show 8/19/18: Air and Water Show, Heartbreak Hotel, and a family-friendly French Quarter

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A scene from the Chicago Air and Water Show (Photo credit: Cody Gough / WGN Radio)

Brian thinks people should stop whining about the Chicago Air and Water Show, then gives a rave review of Broadway in Chicago’s production of Heartbreak Hotel. Plus: why does everything have to be “family-friendly” and why can’t we just have places for adults? 

To kick off the show, Brian discusses the Chicago Air and Water Show and says he thinks some Chicagoans are disproportionately angry at the amount of noise caused by the planes flying over parts of the city. Cody Gough, Brian’s producer, plays devil’s advocate and explains just how loud the planes are.

Then, Brian gives a rave review of Broadway in Chicago’s Heartbreak Hotel, now playing at the Broadway Playhouse. A couple of Brian’s takeaways? “If you like Elvis, you’ve gotta go see this” and “if you kind of like Elvis, then you should probably go see this.”

How do runners prevent nipple chafing? Brian asks listeners after walking his second 5k in two weeks.

In light of the lieutenant governor of Louisiana’s proposed changes to New Orleans, Brian asks why everything has to be “family friendly” these days. Why can’t there be places where adults can be adults? As a guy who spends a lot of time in New Orleans, Brian is vehemently opposed to the idea of turning the French Quarter into a state park to make it more “family friendly.”

To wrap up the show, Brian asks Roger Badesch in the newsroom why he has a 10-lb. bag of candy near his news desk — with a little bit of coffee cake for good measure!

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