Video Games Maybe In Olympics, Parents Paying For Video Game Training & Pop Culture News

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Olympic Symbols (Photo Provided By: Public Domain Pictures of Pixabay & Controller Addition By: Mason Paine)

The International Olympic Committee is in the process of considering including Video Games in the Olympics. Geek Culture Expert & Writer at Machima, Ray Carsillo speaks about this and what genre of games would be a good fit for the Olympics. Parents paying for video game trainers for their children is discussed. Ray talks about the latest Transformers series by: Machima called: Transformers Power of the Primes. In this series Megatron is the leader of the Transformers. Ray and Mason speak about the upcoming two Joker films; one with Jared Leto and the second one with Joaquin Phoenix. Is it really a good idea for DC/Warner Bros to release two different Joker films? The Titans trailer was released at the San Diego Comic Con. This trailer had a lot of back lash due to certain inaccuracies; Ray gives his thoughts on it. Video Games you should check out in August are discussed.

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