“Ethical hacker” Jason Glassberg on Cybercrime Group FIN7: How Worried Should We Be?

A television screen reads "Alerting public organizations and people to cybersecurity" at the International Cybersecurity forum in Lille, northern France, Tuesday Jan. 23, 2018. The international cybersecurity forum is a platform aiming at promoting a pan-european vision of cybersecurity as well as to strengthen the fight against cybercrime. (AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

Jason Glassberg is the co-founder of Casaba Security and an ‘ethical hacker’ who is hired by companies to try to hack into their networks to prevent real attacks. Jason explains how cybercrime group FIN7 attacked and stole data from hundreds of U.S. companies like Chipotle, Chili’s, and Arby’s. He also talks about ways you can prevent having your identity stolen while traveling, debit card fraud, website security, and more.

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