No Coast Cinema Ep. 46 | Filmmaker Jason Coffman talks “Housesitters” and “The Unrepentant Cinephile”

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Conor Cornelius with filmmaker Jason Coffman

On this edition of No Coast Cinema, Tom and Conor welcome filmmaker Jason Coffman to the studio to discuss his new feature and book!

“Housesitters” is an irreverent horror/comedy that puts female friendship as the focus of its plot. As two stoner buddies get contracted to take care of a seemingly normal residence, things start to get weird after their companions start getting picked off one by one. Coffman talks about the long process of making his first feature and the various obstacles in indie filmmaking.

Coffman also discusses “The Unrepentant Cinephile”, a collection of his reviews of hundreds of cult, exploitation and horror films that is a must have for any fan of b-movies.

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