The John Williams Stream Full Podcast 08.02.18: Lollapalooza Day One, Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t back down, Thomas Jefferson and a voter ID, highway protests

A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams.

John Williams streams his show on the cyber waves today, as he checks in with WGN Radio News Anchor Jen DeSalvo, who is reporting live from Lollapalooza Day One. Then, John and Steve have a debate over Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ latest remarks in a heated press briefing today. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson addresses President Trump’s proclamation that a voter ID ought to be enforced in the United States. And, he tells John what extravagant gift he’d like to receive upon their next meeting, August 18th. As protesters prepare to shut down Lake Shore Drive, WGN Radio News Anchor Ryan Burrow describes the scene off Belmont. Finally, John, Elif and Violeta play a game.