Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot shares her platform for running the city of Chicago; and the Importance and Role of LGBTQ Theater in Chicago through the years and the current season at Pride Films and Plays

Paul Lisnek

Paul goes behind the curtain of the upcoming Chicago Mayoral race with candidate Lori Lightfoot. Ms. Lightfoot addresses violence and police accountability in light of the newly announced Police Consent Decree, plus rising taxes and fees in the city to balance the budget, and a chance to learn about her background and upbringing. All of which will help you in your consideration of who the next mayor of the city should be. Then, the power and importance of LGBTQ theater through the years along with the upcoming season of shows at Pride Films and Plays with Executive Director David Zak and playwright (“Hurricane Damage”) Kevin Brofsky. And listen to the end of the show for a special discount code making a season subscription impossible to resist! Listen in!