WGN Nightside w/ Dometi Pongo & Griffin Fillipitch | 7/30/2018 Full Show

Photo Cred: A773Studios Photography

On tonight’s edition of WGN Nightside, Dometi Pongo and Griffin Fillipitch discuss the power of social media and the chances of anything posted in the past possibly coming back to haunt people. Dometi and Griffin also discuss a new company, MoviePass, and their chances of being able to successfully grow and stay in business. The company is setup to allow you to see unlimited movies at any theater for only $9.95 a month.

Then, Griffin and Producer CaSera “Cash”, give a review of their experiences at Pitchfork and share their opinions on the upcoming Lollapalooza weekend.  Dometi joins in as the three debate the pros and cons of festivals, if the experience is worth the money spent, and more.


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