A Look at the Magic that was Elvis with Heartbreak Hotel Star Eddie Clendening and the Legal issues of the Michael Cohen / President Trump tapes plus more of the week in Politics

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Paul Lisnek

Elvis may have left the building but he returns in the person of actor/singer Eddie Clendening who plays Elvis Presley in Heartbreak Hotel currently at the Broadway Playhouse. Eddie talks about when he discovered the King of Rock and Roll and how he chooses to play the legend as the regular man he was. Then, (at 21:40 into the podcast) Political strategist and lawyer Richard Gordon analyzes the legal and political aspects of the release of the Michael Cohen/President Trump tapes. He also talks about the White House’s editing of the Helsinki Press Conference to delete part of the Q and A, and the reasons behind the security clearance loss for past administration officials. A lively podcast you should check out!!

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