The John Williams Show Full Podcast 07.25.18: Phil Vettel, Sean Spicer on the Cochran show, Rich Lenkov on wiretapping laws

John Williams on the Steve Cochran Show

John starts the show by telling you about some of the traps he falls in on a daily basis. Then, Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel joins the show to tell John why restaurants sometimes prefer the method of bringing dishes out to tables one by one, even when it’s a party of more than one. Steve Cochran joins the show to describe some takeaways from his conversation with Sean Spicer earlier in the day, who has released his memoir, The Briefing. Finally, CNN obtained audio of President Trump speaking to his then attorney, Michael Cohen, as Cohen secretly recorded the conversation. Chicago Lawyer and “Legal Face-Off” Host Rich Lenkov differentiates between New York’s laws on wiretapping and those of Illinois.