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Roe Conn Full Show (7/23/18): Steve Stone remembers “the Buehrle game” 9 years ago, Tom Skilling play “Hit That Post,” and more…

The Roe Conn Show w/Anna Davlantes for Monday, July 23rd, 2018:

WGN-TV’s Joe Donlon battle through some technical difficulties to talk about the news of the day, AB Stoddard analyzes President Trump’s erratic behavior on Iran, Tom Skilling plays “Mr. DJ” with the crew, White Sox guru Steve Stone looks back at Mark Buehrle’s perfect game, the Top Five@5 features Sarah Huckabee-Sanders defending President Trump’s idea of removing security clearances from many Obama-era intelligence chiefs who are critical of the President’s relations with Russia, Mike Monico looks at the case against Paul Manafort, and Adam Hoge checks in from Bears camp.

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