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Silver Room Block Party 2018 | TwoGuard Group Presents: Chi Girls Rock

The Silver Room Block Party draws over 30,000 people each year. This year the one day community festival takes place July 21st and will feature food vendors, community driven events, and music.

Twoguard  Media Group is now in its third year of partnership with the Silver Room featuring a stage of talent under the “Twoguard Presents:” banner.  CEO and Founder, Kevin Ross will present the “Chi Girls Rock” platform for the second year.

The platform will highlight and showcase outstanding female talent.

The four artists chosen for this year’s stage is Liberty JonesAziza Lisa, Simone Green, and  Mys Michelle.

Get to know the ladies in this episode.

“Twoguard Presents: Chi Girls Rock #Two” is slated for this year’s Silver Room Block Party celebration on Saturday, July 21st, at 2:30 p.m. The location is the 52nd and Harper street stage, near Harper Court in Hyde Park.