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WGN Nightside 7.17.18 | Steve Dale talks probiotics, Chicago Dogs baseball, architecture and margaritas

On tonight’s WGN Nightside with Steve Dale:
Dr. David Rubin, arguably the most esteemed gastroenterologist in America,  stops in to talk about probiotics (do you really need them), prebiotics (what the heck are those), and why your gut is the window to your overall health.
Tim McBride, Chief Marketing and entertainment officer of the Chicago Dogs baseball team, is on the line to talk about the new team.
Lance Friedmann and Michael Wood of the Chicago Architecture Foundation share what’s the latest in Chicago architecture; a new architecture center is opening; walking tours (including new ones) and the Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise.
Finally, Alex Blackshire, event coordinator Chicago Margarita Festival sloses the show with all the tequila talk you need and a preview of the festival.