Roe Conn Full Show (7/16/18):Breaking Down the Helsinki Summit- Bret Baer, Bill Daley, AB Stoddard, Bob Baer, and more…

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The Roe Conn Show for Monday, July 16th, 2018:

Fox News’ Bret Baier breaks down President Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, WGN-TV’s Ben Bradley looks at an Illinois connection to the Russian hacking scandal, former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is disappointed by the Helsinki summit, the Top Five@5 remembers the career of former Chicago Blackhawk Ray Emery, Real Clear Politics’ AB Stoddard weighs in on Trump/Putin, former CIA officer in Syria- Bob Baer analyzes President Putin’s handling of Donald Trump, and White Sox guru Steve Stone celebrates the MLB All-Star break.

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