Dating Tips for 2018, National French Fry Day, Finance Help with Hollarin’ Hochberg, Bluegrass Music from Chris Jones and “The Lady with All the Answers” | Full Show (July 12th)

Bella and Paul with Patti and Andrea

Tonight on The Patti Vasquez Show with Andrea Darlas!  We welcome dating expert and president of Smart Dating Academy, Bella Gandi alongside “Singles Only” host, Paul Farahvar to give us some insight into today’s dating world.  Then, do you know what tomorrow is?  Well, it’s National French Fri-day!!  We bring on Buona Beef’s Chicago GM Joe on to delight Patti and Andrea with their famous fries and Italian beef!  Visit them tomorrow to celebrate and Thank you Buona!

Next, do you have any questions regarding finance or your current mortgage?  Well, you’re in luck because we have the return of ‘Hollarin’ David Hochberg’ of Peal Mortgage to help you with all your financial needs.  And then, to lighten the evening we are happy to bring you Bluegrass impresario Chris Jones who will be performing at Woodstock’s Folk Weekend.  And finally, Chicago is home to a lot of great theater including the upcoming show, “The Lady with All the Answers” about famed Chicago writer, Ann Landers.  The actor portraying Ann, Janet Ulrich jumps on air to give us some background on the legendary writer and give away some tickets to the upcoming show.  All this and more!

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