Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Lilyana H.

Lilyana Hough is our Kid of the Week! Lilyana has always cared for other people before herself. She has so many friends and never has a problem making more. Her kindness and willingness to help people really shows. This was written by her classmate, and resulted in her teacher giving her an award:

“Lilyana warms my heart. She is willing to talk to anyone and lend some help or laughter to whoever needs it. It is really the things that Lilyana does when no one is watching that count. Like the endless times she has been there for me, both inside and outside of school. The compassion that she has for others shines brighter than the sun.

Once, when I went up for the perfect shot in soccer and hit the ball off the side of the goal, everyone laughed except her. When we were going back in, she walked over to me and told me not to let them get to me and to just live life not caring what other people think.

Over the course of the year, Lilyana has taught me not to worry so much and to just live. I’ll make sure to carry that with me for a long time.”

Great job, Lilyana!

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