Single, Married, Divorced-Episode 6: The Politics of Dating

In this week’s episode, the SMD crew gets political.  Not necessarily talking about their political views, just how those views can work or not work in a relationship. Allison shares how she made it through NRA dinners with her ex-husband and Tom talks about being raised by parents of different political persuasions.  Erik tells us how politics ended a recently budding romance before the first date.  BUT putting politics aside- Allison and Tom agree to chaperone one of Erik’s potential dates.


Poll Question: How people feel about staying together in a politically mixed relationship.

Q1: Can couples stay together despite their political differences?

App Story:  Allison’s friend has a chance to swipe left or right on a certain special someone.

Q2: What is the cab etiquette when a woman is wearing a dress or skirt?