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The race for Mayor: Candidate Troy LaRaviere joins Matt Bubala to talk goals, future of Chicago

Troy LaRaviere and Matt Bubala (WGN Radio)

Mayoral candidate Troy LaRaviere joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about his goals for improving Chicago. He is one of ten candidates in the race for mayor for the working class. This former Chicago principal says he uses “evidence, reason and research” to guide the district. When LaRaviere officially announced he was running, he says it “wasn’t like other candidates. A reporter asked me if I was going to run. The moment I decided to run, I didn’t want to wait for some big moment or event. I just answered some random reporter’s question.”

His trials and tribulations as a principal and from his previous political work as a member of the Bernie Sanders campaign has helped him prepare to understand what the city needs to improve on. LaRaviere says, “right now, Rahm Emanuel hits the working people with all types of fines and fees.” A few examples are meters and property tax. “I can’t convince the tax payers to pay more money if the system is corrupt.” Right now, the current state tax rate is 4.25. So, who gets taxed at what percentage? In the next seven months LaRaviere wants to build a campaign for Chicago that is clear and focused on the root causes. For more information, visit




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