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John Hasbrouck, ‘Riley and the Red Hots’ and Pilsen’s traditional American music scene

Dave Hoekstra welcomes Chicago multi-instrumentalist John Hasbrouck, along with vocalist Erin Riley and guitarist Robert Harris of Riley and the Red Hots, a string jazz band that specializes in tunes from the 1910’s-30’s.  They talk about Pilsen as the hot bed for a traditional ragtime, pre-bluegrass, jazz scene and John’s record “Don’t Walk Away from the Stove” which features numerous artists from the neighborhood; how Riley and the Red Hots came together and their process in selecting ‘golden age’ material, John getting a snarky letter from the admins at NIU’s music department, and more.

Riley and the Red Hots are appearing at Honky Tonk Barbeque (1800 S. Racine) this Friday, June 22.