Former Police Chief Garry McCarthy, The Irish Heritage Center, TV Trivia with Teti | Full Show (June 19th)

Patti and Andrea with the group from The Irish Heritage Center

Tonight on The Patti Vasquez Show with Andrea Darlas – We welcome former police chief of Chicago, Garry McCarthy to speak with him about  why he’s entering the Chicago Mayoral Race. Then, the team from the Irish Heritage Center to discuss Irish Fest. We’re joined by members of the Irish Music School of Chicago and Kilgubbin Brothers; Sean Cleland and Jesse Langen for some tasty tunes.  John Teti (pop culture expert) joins the show for another exciting round of “TV Trivia with Teti”… and if that wasn’t enough…the always delightful Steve and Johnnie join Patti and Andrea at the top of the show!

Listen to the full podcast right here:

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