Brian Noonan Show 6/10/18: Mastro’s Steakhouse and Irish American Heritage Festival

Food from Mastro's Steakhouse, 520 N Dearborn Street in Chicago (Photo credit: Cody Gough / WGN Radio)

In his last live show from Tribune Tower, Brian goes out with a bang. Mastro’s Steakhouse stops by to help him celebrate with delicious food from their restaurant, and a crew from the Irish American Heritage Center stop by for some live music and a fun organization for redheads.

To kick off the show, Brian talks about his recent trip to New York City to help his daughter move into the Big Apple. He dispels some misconceptions about New Yorkers and explains why he found some stereotypes to be completely untrue. His experience riding in Ubers in New York City also brings about a conversation on driver behavior, like how some Uber drivers get really dressed up on the job or offer bottled water or phone chargers to their passengers. An amazing phone conversation follows when an Uber driver calls in and tells Brian why he gives pizza and comic books (!) to his passengers.

Then, “The Insatiable Insomniacs” CB and Double-D stop by the studio to talk to Brian about some of their fond memories of Tribune Tower. The Insomniacs used to review late-night food eateries when Brian first hosted “WGN Overnight with Brian Noonan” in the mid-2000s, and they have some fun stories to share on Brian’s last show from Tribune Tower before WGN Radio moves to its new offices and studios in another building downtown.

Marco and Ronnie from Mastro’s Restaurants join Brian in-studio with amazingly delicious food! They talk about what it takes to run a top restaurant in Chicago and some of the secrets behind their gourmet offerings. They also make a mean old fashioned!

Then, Irish American Heritage Festival Chairman Mike Shevlin, Redhead Days Chicago organizer Jim Stoecker, and musical guest Rory Makem join Brian in-studio. Shevlin discusses the Irish American Heritage Festival on July 6, 7, and 8, 2018. Stoecker discusses his involvement with Redhead Days and their hopeful attempt at setting the world record for fitting the most redheads in a single photograph, and Makem entertains with some delightful live Irish music!