Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Grayson P.

Grayson P. is our awesome Kid of the Week. For his 8th birthday. Grayson has requested that instead of bringing a birthday present for him, please bring a gift card for a local restaurant, store, or gas station to donate to his friend, Alejandro “A-Rod” Rodriguez, and his family. A-Rod’s father, mother and two sisters were in a tragic car accident in January, in which he lost his father. A-Rod’s mother and both sisters have had multiple surgeries. These gift cards will help them as they continue to travel back and forth to Chicago for numerous doctor appointments and to see his one sister that has not yet been able to come home. While there is a 10 year age difference between Grayson and A-Rod, this does not hinder Grayson from has cultivating friendships and building a sense of community.