uh-PARENT-ly Ep. 2 | The Fortnite obsession and what to do to prevent danger

Anne Johnsos and Tracy Heuvelman Weiner, hosts of WGN Radio's latest podcast on parenting.

Do you know about Fortnite? It’s a free game that centers on a last-person-standing fight for survival, and it’s being called a tech epidemic. Parents today are asking themselves what they had as kids that compares to this obsession. The answer? Nothing.

Laura Tierney is founder and president of The Social Institute, a Durham-based company that teaches families positive ways to handle social media. She joins co-hosts Tracy Heuvelman Weiner and Anne Johnsos to explain what makes the game so appealing and how parents can equip their kids to be safe whenever they interact with others online.

To access the parent-kid contract Tierney talks about in the interview, click here.