Brian Noonan Show 5/27/18: New Author , Juggernaut Founder, Big Wig Tacos and Waffle Stacking Pros

Beth Jacobellis

In this full show during  Memorial Day Weekend, Brian talks to an author, a founder, restaurateurs and record breaking waffle stackers.

Beth Jacobellis is a new author and recently released her book ‘Cameo‘.  Although this is a new book, she actually wrote it nine years ago.  Brian gets to the bottom of why she waited so long.

Juggernaut Festival founder, Tiffany Keane joins Brian to invite sci-fi & fantasy fans to the 6th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival this year.  She talks about the history of the festival, this years’ host Gates McFadden and more!

Nothing beats eating free tacos for a year, right?  The owners of Big Wig Tacos drops by to announce their one year anniversary.  To celebrate,  they are giving one lucky person a chance to win free burritos for a year.

Big Wig Tacos Owners and Brian Noonan

Waffle stacking is really a thing and Spencer McCullough and Cory Trimm has mastered it!  Both from Denver, they beat previous stackers coming in at 67 centimeter and 26 inches tall.

Brian closes out the show with the idea of a waffle toss competition.