Bill and Wendy Bonus Hour 5.24.18: Single, Married, Divorced

Bill and Wendy along with SMD's Erik Runge, Tom McGuire, and Allison Collins. (WGN Radio)

Today on the Bill and Wendy bonus hour,  Bill and Wendy sit down with ‘Single, Married, Divorced’  hosts Erik Runge, Tom McGuire, and Allison Collins. What is SMD you might ask? SMD is a podcast that gives the dating world an opportunity to get relationship answers from three different but important perspectives.  Each week the hosts, Erik Runge (Single) Tom McGuire (Married) and Allison Collins (Divorced) discuss listeners questions about relationships. By no means are they clinically licensed to answers these questions, but they do bring with them life experience that’s cheaper than a therapist.  Along with your questions, you’ll hear a crazy dating app story each week and stories from our hosts past and present lives.

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