2018 WGN Radio Walk of Fame: Pierre Andre as remembered by Chuck Shriver

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Pierre Andre

Pierre Andre joined WGN in 1930. He worked for over 30 years as a host and announcer on such programs as Little Orphan Annie, Harold Teen, Helen Trent, Betty and Bob, Backstage Wife, and many broadcasts of live dance music. Andre co-hosted, with Jack Brickhouse and Eddie Hubbard, WGN Radio’s 40th Anniversary special.

Chuck Shriver was a “summer replacement” newswriter – they didn’t use the term “intern” then – in the WGN-Radio newsroom the summer of the 1960. Chuck was not an intern for Pierre Andre, but as a newswriter, he had contact with Pierre nearly every day. As Chuck remembers, 1960 was the last year WGN was located at Tribune Tower (the first time). The next summer when Chuck came back to WGN, both the radio and TV operation had been moved to Bradley Place.

Chuck joined WGN full-time in 1962 in the WGN newsroom, first as a radio newswriter. After a year he became the producer/writer for the late night TV news show “Night Beat” with Carl Greyson. After doing that for two years, he was moved to the sports department where he worked as a writer/producer for Jack Brickhouse and Jack Rosenberg.

In 1967, thanks to his position at WGN, Chuck was named public relations director of the Cubs and was there during the Leo Durocher era. He was with the Cubs for 11 years. Then after a year on the West Coast, he came back to Chicago and was hired by Bill Veeck as public relations director of the White Sox where he worked closely with manager Tony LaRussa.

After the White Sox, Chuck was an associated athletic director at Northern Illinois University, when Dave Kaplan was an assistant basketball coach. And, of course, over the years with the two baseball teams he got to know Chuck Swirsky as well, so Chuck actually knows three of this year’s inductees.

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