The Chicago Way w/John Kass (05/14/18): Why Ramirez/Sacks/Rahm deal isn’t getting the coverage it deserves, two brothers tell a tale of growing up “Mob Adjacent,” and very Kasso Mother’s Day

Kristen McQueary, John Kass and Jeff Carlin (JCarlin/WGN)

The Chicago Way w/John Kass, Episode 103: John Kass and Jeff Carlin this week welcome Chicago Tribune Editorial Board member and columnist Kristen McQueary to the podcast to talk about why a business deal between Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s money guy, closest confidant and top fundraiser Michael Sacks and labor boss Jorge Ramirez, another Emanuel guy and chairman of the Chicago Sun-Times, isn’t getting a lot of coverage. Brothers Jeffrey & Michael Gentile, Jr. join the conversation to talk about their new book, “Mob Adjacent: A Family Memoir.” Plus, Mr. Science looks at the power of volcanoes and Kasso has questionable Mother’s Day plans.

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