Finding refuge in music| Get to know: Storyteller

Marsha Lyles and Storyteller

Former refugee, Ephraim Bugumba, who now goes by the name ‘Storyteller’  is obviously no stranger to trial and triumph.  He was just a toddler when his family had to flee his home in Zaire due to the Makobola Massacre that claimed the lives of a recorded 600 people.

Traveling from camp to camp during most of his childhood, Storyteller never really knew comfort or stability.  With his family being in America for 6 years now, he is ready to show the world his story through his music and maybe one day on the big screen.

In episode 17, Marsha Lyles gets  first-hand details about Storytellers journey from traveling through crocodile infected rivers to becoming a self taught musician and a top 50 contestant on American Idol.

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