The John Williams Show Full Podcast 05.10.18: Graduation touch-down dance, National Women’s Lung Health Week, The Mincing Rascals, Hawaii volcano

King John Williams sports his CrownCam around the office.

John begins the show by asking you who is in the wrong at the University of Florida graduation last weekend, where students who used their time on stage to dance were pushed off by administrators. Then, American Lung Association Greater Chicago Executive Director Kristen  Young joins John to talk about women’s risks with lung cancer. John previews this week’s The Mincing Rascals, when he was joined by Steve Bertrand and Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn, Kristen McQueary and Scott Stantis to talk about President Trump’s definition for “fake news.” Finally, Northern Illinois University Geology Professor Paul Stoddard tells John what caused the volcanic eruption in Hawaii over the weekend.